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Brake wear varies from one driver to another, your brakes should be checked at least twice a year. If you notice any of the following signs, contact us as soon as possible:

  • Your brakes squeak when you brake.
  • Your brakes don’t work as well.
  • The brake pedal is no longer easy to press down.
  • Your vehicle vibrates or stutters when you brake.
  • The brake light on your instrument panel is lit.

Air Conditioning

Running out of coolant gas and a dirty cabin filter are the main reasons for problems with this system. If a leak occurs, it’s also important to have your air conditioning system repaired. The cabin filter should be changed at least once a year. You should have your air conditioning system repaired if you notice:

  • Excess humidity
  • A lack of cool air
  • A lack of power
  • Strange odour
  • Unusual noise

charging/starting system

The injection system’s purpose is to supply the engine with fuel, cleaning it provides better combustion and better fuel consumption which reduces your ecological footprint and allows the injection system to work efficiently. If your vehicle’s injection system isn’t cleaned frequently, you may experience the following problems:

  • Poor acceleration
  • Stalling and knocking noises
  • Increase in gas consumption

Engine Tune-Up

For your engine to work properly, you must tune it up on a regular basis. During your tune up we will replace your spark plugs, check your ignition system and clean the injectors and inspect the belt. Insure your vehicles performance, smoother driving and power during acceleration. Examples of situations that may require a call to your technician:

  • Check engine light is on
  • Increase in your vehicle’s fuel consumption
  • Increase in your vehicle’s polluting emissions

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Exhaust System

When the muffler is defective you will hear rumbling sounds or other types of noises upon acceleration. The exhaust system consists of the exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, gas analysis probes, exhaust pipe and muffler – have them checked to insure:

  • Better road performance
  • Fuel economy


When your vehicle’s heating system has a leak or a defective part, several problems can occur. Signs that indicate that your car’s heating system needs to be repaired include:

  • Lack of heat
  • Unusual odours
  • Unusual sounds coming from fans or under the hood

Lighting and Visibility

We recommend changing your windshield wipers seasonally to ensure maximum efficiency. Keeping your headlights in good working order helps with safety and visibility. We can help maintain optimal visibility by performing:

  • Headlight replacement and repair
  • Headlight polishing
  • Windshield wiper replacement and repair
  • Windshield wiper fluid top-up and jet adjustment
  • Windshield wiper pump repair


The system’s operation is rather complex and consists of components including the power steering pump and fluid, steering rack, steering wheel speed sensor, steering wheel and steering column seal. These are the signs your system is faulty:

  • Red or translucent oil leak occurs when you move the steering wheel
  • Unusual or grinding noises when you start or drive your car

Shuttle Service & Courtesy vehicles

The shuttle service will take you where you need to go and if we need to keep your vehicle longer you can use one of our courtesy vehicles.

Suspension System

Shock absorbers and the coil spring ensure road adherence and better braking. The coil spring absorbs road shocks and aids steering in a straight line. It’s essential to have your shock absorbers checked as soon as you reach 80,000km and have this system inspected every year to ensure:

  • better road handling and adherence
  • Improved braking
  • Better sock absorption
  • Vehicle steers straighter

Transmission & traction

Automatic or manual vehicle’s transmissions are connected to the rear of the engine. The transmission is made up of may components, including the transmission shaft, differential and velocity joins which send the engine’s power to the drive wheels. Here are some signs your transmission should be checked:

  • Feel jolts when you change gears
  • Becomes difficult to shift gears, gear slips, no longer shift gears at all
  • Use more force to make manual gear shifts
  • Leaks bright red transmission fluid
  • Check engine light is on

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